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SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8

Systran Team Edition Server
Systran Workgroup Server
Systran Standard Server
Systran Global Server
SYSTRAN Team Edition Server
SYSTRAN Workgroup Server
SYSTRAN Standard Server
SYSTRAN Global Server

Up to 20 Users
Application Packs
Up to 5 Language Pairs

Up to 100 Users
Application Packs
Unlimited Language Pairs

Up to 2500 Users
Application Packs
Unlimited Online Tools
Unlimited Language Pairs
API Included

Unlimited Users
Application Packs
Unlimited Online Tools
Unlimited Language Pairs
API Included

SYSTRAN Enterprise Components:

Choose from a variety of features and customize your SYSTRAN Enterprise edition. Basic options are available in all SYSTRAN Enterprise packages but some are only available in specific packages. Prices vary based on the edition, the tools selected and the languages required. We will be happy to do a custom quote for you.


Application Packs - Translate with MS Office Plug-ins

Deploy the software throughout your company. Employees will have access to tools that allow instant language conversion without learning a new software.

With Microsoft Office plug-ins you will have seamless document translation in Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point. Additional support for PDF, text, HTML, XML Open Office, and more.

Chrome, IE, Firefox
Application Packs also all you to translate websites from your favorite browser. Translate foreign languages as you surf the web. Support for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Translate, Word, Excel, Email

Retention of the Document's Formatting

Keeping your formatting even after translation is very important. With SYSTRAN Enterprise Application Packs the software is designed to translate the text around the images, keep your columns, tables and other document formatting. The software never overwrites the original, the converter creates a new document in the target language.

Automatically converts PDF, Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook and Email.

Video - Play Ms Word
Learn more, Click Play to watch the video





The first Pure Neural Machine Translation Engine is here! This new technology is delivering a level of accuracy that is changing the industry forever. SYSTRAN once again leads the way by lanching an engine that brings the greatest technological leap in the history of machine translation.

SYSTRAN is able to combine deep learning capabilites with their existing vast amount of resources to provide an engine that is insurpassed. Constant work by the linguists at SYSTRAN continues to improve the output, making it more powerful everyday.

New languages are being added at a faster rate. Accuracy is no longer the question.

Learn More about SYSTRAN Pure Neural MT

Pure Neural MT



Includes 3 Additional Translation Engines

Our Enterprise edition is the only comprehensive solution able to meet the full range of translation needs. SYSTRAN Enterprise gives you the ability to choose the translation technology that produces the most accurate results.

Rule Based Machine Translation (RBMT)

RBMT has delivered the highest levels of accuracy for over 40 years using built-in linguistic rules that look at the context of words and phrases to determine the translation. Built in large bilingual dictionaries handle ambiguous terminology easily.

Statistical Machine Translation (SMT)

SMT engines create a more fluid, closer to human translation quality using pattern matching of pre-translated sentences from large amounts of previously translated data. Statistical can have a higher output quality when trained on industry related data.

SYSTRAN Hybrid Machine Translation

SYSTRAN has developed the first Hybrid translation engine in the industry. This innovative technology combines the best attributes of rule-based and statistical translation engines. The merger of these two technologies into a hybrid solution decreases the amount of data required to train the software, and also reduces the size of the statistical models required while maintaining higher accuracy levels.


Rule Based vs Statistical



Text Translator and Dictionary View

Translate as you type or copy and paste text for easy review. Hover over a word in the source language and see the word highlighted in the target language. An easy reference dictionary appears in a window on the right with alternative translations displayed for words and phrases.

Color coding makes it easy to identify words that need to be added to a custom dictionary to improve accuracy. Translation Memory matches are color coded with fuzzy match rating.

Text Translator

Quick File Translator

Users can log in the the server to translate documents from the console without having to open them from the desktop. Translate one file or batch your translation job.

Supported formats include: TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, XML, HTML, Open Office documents and more.

After translation, open the file in the SYSTRAN Translation Editor and review the original and the newly translated document side by side.

Manage your translations from this easy to use console.

File Translator

Post Editing - Side by Side Document Review

Review documents with perfect sentence alignment. This side by side view of the original (source language) and the translated document (target language) let's you refer back to the original for easy reference when proofing and editing.

You have the option of using two views:

  • Context View: Displays the full documents side by side.
  • List View: Displays the document in matching sentence segments.

With both of the views above,each sentence appears in a text box on the bottom of the window that allows you to easily make changes and automatically save them in your tranlsation memory.

Additional Screenshot - Sentence View

Proof and Edit Translations


Build your own Custom Dictionaries

Building dictionaries is easy and one of the fastest ways to train the software to learn your own terminology. Powerful coding indictor helps confirm if your entries are matching the context of the word usage. Master dictionaries are automatically available to any user.

  • User Dictionary Builder
  • Translation Memory Builder
  • Normalization Dictionary
Build Custom Dictionary

Translation Memory Tools

Translation memory (TM) can be one of the most powerful tools to use with automated translation software.

Systran's translation memory allows you to edit the translations and easily store those edits so they can be reused for future translations. Many companies have documents that share common repetitive phrases and sentences. Never translate the same content again, have the software store that content.

As you proof the translation results, the software will give you a fuzzy match score for phrases or sentences that are either identical or similar from past translations that were detected so you can select the best match. Easily improve consistency between translations.

SYSTRAN also supports TMX format, the industry standard for translation memory files. Often translation agencies have these files and you can instantly train your software by importing and reusing these resources.

Build Custom Dictionary

SYSTRAN Technical Dictionaries

SYSTRAN includes 21 Industry specific dictionaries that contain millions of technical terms and phrases. Choose from 5 main categories:

  • SYSTRAN Business (Economics/Business, Legal, Political Science)
  • SYSTRAN Industries (Automotive, Aviation/Space, Military Science, Naval/Maritime, Metallurgy)
  • SYSTRAN Life Sciences (Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Medicine, Food Science)
  • SYSTRAN Sciences (Computers/Data Processing, Electronics, Mathematics,
    Mechanical/Engineering, Photography/Optics, Physics/Atomic Energy, Chemistry)
  • SYSTRAN Colloquial
Technical Bilingual Dictionaries


Secure Translation on Your Server

Confidential Data Security

In today's environment data security is extremely important. Many companies work with confidential documents that not only need to be secure, but also meet industry regulatory compliance standards.

With SYSTRAN you can install the software on your own server, within your own network behind your firewall. Translations never leave your network or go out over the internet.


Secure Offline Translation



Customization, integration and control is the number one request for many large companies that need to automatically translate their content applications, databases or thousands of documents (with formatting) quickly. Integrate translation software into enterprise applications for content management, search, manufacturing processes, e-commerce, and document management work flows.

The Open API is able to support unlimited user access and millions of real-time and batch translations per day. Utilizing a REST or SOAP protocol for internal and external communications, supports universal file formats. Interface with third-party applications through its open API packaged in standard Web Services (WSDL) and AJAX for JAVA based architectures as well as COM object within Windows environment. The application can even be integrated into a corporation's document workflow environment.


SYSTRAN Training Server

Systran's training server gives you the tools to build the statistical translation component. By utilizing existing translated content to automatically teach the software your terminology and style of writing.

The software learns to accurately translate new information by analyzing previous human translations. This additional module can dramatically increase translation accuracy.

Training Server

SYSTRAN Free Plug-ins for Seamless Integration

SYSTRAN Enterprise includes plug-ins that allow you to connect to additional technologies for a full turnkey solution.

SYSTRAN Memoq Connector

Systran Relativity connector

Microsoft Lync Skype

Vacopia Speech Translator

SDL Trados Systran



See a list of languages available: LANGUAGES